Fire Compliance - Report by Grove & Wynn-Jones

Published 22 August 2023

There is significant misunderstanding in the industry about the application of CodeMark Certificates, particularly as they relate to the assessment of a product’s suitability in relationship to fire. 

Following extensive fire testing and assessment by fire engineers, Dincel Wall was issued with a CodeMark Certificate of Conformity by SAI Global for Class 2 to Class 9 buildings.

However, the question still remains:

Does a Certifier Have To Accept CodeMark Certification?

Dincel has sought legal advice on state legislation and BCA requirements regarding CodeMark:

The legislation and BCA are clear, the Certifier must give you a valid reason to refuse the use of Dincel CodeMark in your project.

To read more on this:

Grove and Wynn-Jones, eminent building surveyors, state that Certifiers can accept a Dincel CodeMark for all external and internal applications.

  • Internal loadbearing Dincel Wall applications = Deemed-to-Satisfy compliance.
  • Dincel Wall complies with external/facade loadbearing applications; a site specific performance solution is not required.
  • NSW legislation makes it clear that a certifier incurs no liability in accepting a CodeMark Certificate.

Read the full report, below:

In an Australian first, Dincel is offering a void free warranty when you choose to pour your Dincel Structural Walling with Self-Compacting Concrete and the installation is to Dincel’s specifications.

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