Beyond British Standard BS8102:2022

Published 14 December 2023

In the absence of an Australian Basement Code, building professionals defer to using the well-known British Basement Construction Code – BS8102:2022.

Whilst a useful starting point, this code is inadequate in Australia as it does not take into account:

1. The NCC mandatory requirements for condensation and mould/mildew (introduced 1st October 2023).

2. Groundwater management regulations of NSW DPE and Water NSW (and those of other States).

3. Ongoing maintenance requirements for drained basements.
The following document Australian Waterproof Basement Construction has been written by myself with the assistance of building professionals and peer reviewed by independent waterproofing experts. I have prepared it to provide guidance to building ministers , commissioners , department of planning for all State and Local Government authorities , Architects, Engineers, Builders and Developers regarding design of basements and as input to any future Australian Basement Code.  
Australian Waterproofing Experts are welcome to make comments so that I can enhance this document such that it becomes the cornerstone of development of an Australian Standard beyond BS8102:2022.

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