The Dincel Group was founded in 1989 as Dincel & Associates Consulting Engineers. The group originally specialised in structural and design engineering working across both commercial and residential markets.

In 2006 Dincel Structural Walling went to market. The years preceding 2006 were spent researching and developing the original PVC based permanent formwork system, proving the initial concept, demonstrating compliance with Australian NCC and finally internationally patenting what is now Dincel Structural Walling.

As a qualified and registered structural engineer, Burak Dincel the owner and founder of the Dincel Construction System Group, knew all too well about all the challenges associated with speed of construction, concrete cancer, handleability onsite and durability of both multistorey high superstructures, as well as low rise commercial buildings and residential homes.

Today, use and acceptance of Dincel products in the marketplace both locally and internationally is growing rapidly, with Dincel being used across commercial, residential and civil markets in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.


  • Alliance Project Group
  • A W Edwards
  • BKH Group
  • CHC Affordable Housing
  • De Martin and Gasparini
  • Gondella
  • Hickory Group
  • Mendri
  • Pinnacle
  • Ultrafloor
  • Watpac Construction NSW

Once we used Dincel we never looked back again. We will use Dincel in our future projects for core construction, blade columns, internal and external walls, basement walls and water/sewage tanks and stormwater pits. Dincel is a very flexible and versatile system even for curved shaped walls.

Matt Huttary

Project ManagerAlliance Project Group
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We have found the product to be cost-effective, versatile, practical and fit for its intended purpose. We would not hesitate to encourage the use of the product on future projects and will actively promote the product to Structural designers and Architects.

Michael Musarra

Project ManagerA W Edwards
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Key advantages over other walling systems including less cranage due to the lightweight nature of the panels, the speed of construction and the cost advantages in supply and installation.

D. O'Sullivan

General ManagerBKH Group
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I highly recommend using the Dincel Construction System in multi-level apartment construction as the time and cost savings cannot be compared to any other known methods in the construction industry.

Michael Owen

Project ManagerCHC Affordable Housing
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We have taken advantage of utilising the Dincel load-bearing walling system, this combination provides maximum speed and efficiency in building construction and significant material cost savings. The product also reduces the potential risk of injuries.

Victor J Essey

Managing DirectorGondella
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The Dincel system allows formwork placement to begin on Day 1 which takes vertical elements off critical path and reduces the cycle time. The Dincel system is not reliant on crane time which allows the crane to do the general lifting.

George Argyou

Construction DirectorHickory Group
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We found the use of Dincel wall has resulted in major cost savings in our projects. Dincel further reduces builder's liability, your patented snap connection allows faster and safer erection method without having additional safety platform.

Steven Tambouras

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110mm Dincel Walls were used to achieve a Fire Rating Level of 90/90/90 and Dincel Walls do not require horizontal reinforcement for crack control purposes.

Andrew Tetlow

Construction ManagerPinnacle
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Significant cost effectiveness, major construction time savings and enhanced construction safety. The system is simple, flexible and practical enough to be installed by construction trades with minimum skill and training level.

Brett Granter

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These walls were installed without the need of waterproof membranes, scaffolding, horizontal wall reinforcement and joints in a very short space of time. We would not hesitate to encourage the use of the product on future projects.

Michael Kouknas

Project ManagerWatpac Construction NSW
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In an Australian first, Dincel is offering a void free warranty when you choose to pour your Dincel Structural Walling with Self-Compacting Concrete and the installation is to Dincel’s specifications.

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