Ceerose Apartments

Developer Reduces Build time By 50% With Dincel Structural Walls

Published: Jun 2017

Providing outstanding results for its customers is a key focus for Ceerose, one of Sydney’s leading property development and construction companies.

Not only must all projects be completed to a high calibre, the builds need to be delivered in a cost-time efficient manner and the finish should be virtually maintenance-free.

In developing its cutting edge Ceerose apartments at Pyrmont Bridge Road, Camperdown, Ceerose partnered with Dincel Construction Systems to meet these objectives, while achieving an extensive 26 weeks or 50 per cent time savings on the projected build schedule.

The project consisted of 133 units of three towers, seven stories above the podium level with one level of basement car parking.

Ceerose Construction Manager, Charbel Barakat, says Dincel Construction Systems was used extensively throughout the project, delivering great results.

“The build used 200mm Dincel in the basement, lift, stair and service shafts and well as for deep beams, blade columns and façade walls. In other areas, 110mm Dincel walls were used for party walls in between apartments supporting 170mm thick slabs,” Mr Barakat said.

“Utilising Dincel as a loadbearing wall system in lieu of conventional methods achieved a most cost-efficient floor system, together with a six month time saving from our construction program allowance of 12 months for structural work. If the slab did not consist of elaborate double rebates and balcony edge downturns, this could have been increased by another month.”

Mr Barakat says that Dincel’s use of PVC Polymer also yielded other important benefits for the project beyond time and cost savings.

“Further advantages were Dincel’s suitability as basement and water tank walls without needing a waterproof membrane, they’re also ideal for garbage and service rooms where mould and mildew is a common problem,” he said. Despite Ceerose Apartments being the first occasion in which the company had tried the Dincel product, using the wall systems was straight forward and well supported by the manufacturer, according to Mr Barakat. “Dincel’s site assistance was invaluable and allowed us to achieve simple and very fast installation. The supply service was timely and was supported by Dincel’s highly qualified engineers who provided expert advice in all facets of the Building Code of Australia, buildability and offered structural engineering assistance to the project’s engineer and architect,” he said.

“The project was a great success even though it was our first time using Dincel – it’s without doubt the most cost and time-effective way to build multi-storey apartment buildings.

“I highly recommend incorporating Dincel Construction Systems, particularly at the early architectural design stage in order to maximise benefits.

“We would welcome the opportunity to further work with this highly innovative products.”

On site, the Dincel walls were also easy-to-handle. There was no reliance on cranes, the site was cleaner with reduced wastage.

Dincel Used

Party Walls, Lift Shafts, Basement Walls, Façades

110mm, 200mm Profiles

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Providing outstanding results for its customers is a key focus for Ceerose, one of Sydney’s leading property development and construction companies.

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