Formwork vs Dincel

Dincel can be installed without scaffolding, as it has the ability of creating a built-in edge protection system. Dincel gives complete flexibility on-site; its also lightweight, waterproof and fire-rated for complete piece of mind.

A waterproof, protective skin is what makes Dincel formwork different:

  • Non-Combustible compliant polymer
  • Less reliant on cranes
  • No waterproof membrane required
  • Faster installation
  • Minimal excavation & back-filling
  • Less risk of concrete cancer & air-voids
  • Reduced labour
  • No Scaffolding
Reduce site infrastructure

Using traditional techniques, the construction of structural walling involves the use of formwork, built on-site prior to the concrete pour.

This is a laborious and time-consuming task. It requires carpenters and labourers who otherwise would not be needed on site, as well as timber and a lot of associated mess and clutter. And, on top of that, concrete formwork often involves the use of cranes and scaffolding.

Concrete formwork suppliers Dincel offer an alternative. Unlike conventional structural walling techniques, it doesn’t involve in situ or precast concreting and therefore doesn’t require traditional formwork for concrete.

Simplify installation

Using Dincel, all formwork is replaced by a protective, polymer skin (long PVC panels) that encapsulates the concrete of the structural wall. Construction involves positioning these panels vertically; connecting them via snap-lock joints; introducing steel reinforcement; and then carrying out your concrete pour.

Because it eliminates the need for traditional concrete formwork, Dincel removes the need for a lot of associated resources and complications. A faster, simpler option, it reduces labour costs, cuts the time needed to construct structural walling by 50 per cent, and reduces material costs by 20 per cent.

CSIRO waterproof certified

Also, unlike techniques involving traditional formwork, Dincel does not require waterproofing. Because the system’s polymer skin and the panel joints are impervious to water, there is no need to apply a waterproofing membrane on the wall surfaces. The only places that do require treatment are any junctions, including the wall to the footing / slab.

It eliminates the need for wet trades (again reducing overall building costs) and, because it doesn’t require work to be carried out in confined spaces (such as between permanent formwork walls and excavated soil), Dincel helps improve workplace safety.

Minimal backfill

In contrast to traditional techniques that require a clearance of at least 1,000mm between the base of the wall and the land boundary to allow for this trade access, Dincel requires a clearance of only 50mm. This reduces the possibility of over-excavation and maximises land use.

Maintenance-free solution Structural walls constructed using conventional formwork for concrete often eventually succumb to problems like concrete cancer, the presence of air-voids, steel corrosion, leaking and mould. Dincel’s waterproof polymer skin helps reduce the incidence of these problems by preventing water ingress at the wall surface.

Exceeds BCA requirements

Specifiers who choose Dincel formwork panels can rest assured that all of these benefits are backed by compliance with Australian standards.

Dincel has a CodeMark Certificate of Conformity for Type A, B & C construction covering all internal/external wall applications; openings and penetrations (i.e. Fire collar use directly onto Dincel Wall and Dincel Wall abutting to a non-Dincel wall). It has been Fire rated (90-240 minutes) and certified as suitable for bushfire prone areas (BAL Low to BAL FZ), and it has been tested under 6m of water head pressure and certified as waterproof by CSIRO Australia.

Put simply, Dincel does away with the requirement for conventional concrete formwork and simplifies the costly, time-consuming task of building permanent formwork walls.
What Are Dincel Structural Walls
What Are Dincel Structural Walls
Smarter Formwork Alternative
Smarter Formwork Alternative
What Sets Us Apart
What Sets Us Apart


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