Dincel Structural Walling is a stay-in-place polymer formwork that acts as a ‘Protective Skin’ that requires no additional waterproof membrane, and when filled with ready mixed concrete, Dincel Walls also improve concrete flow and compaction. Dincel walls eliminates the root causes of water problems which are porosity of walling material, leaking wall joints and wall cracks. Tests conducted by the CSIRO confirm that under 6m of water head pressure at the panel joints, Dincel Walls are deemed to be waterproof.

CSIRO Waterproof Test Report

A New Era in Speed and Waterproofing.

Introducing the 275mm profile.

Being a maintenance-free, waterproof and airtight construction solution, the benefits of using Dincel for load bearing walls, deep beams, lifts, stairwells and basements in skyscrapers is clear.

 • Cost effective alternative to:
   – Jump form systems for lift and stair shafts
   – Waterproof basements and tanks
   – Columns
• Lower construction costs
• Maximum strength, SAFETY and simplicity
• Up to 50% faster construction
• Patented innovative ring form within the 275mm Dincel panel allows minimum 180mm concrete slump in single pour up to 4.5 metres
• Minimum 180mm concrete slump is essential to:
   – Improve concrete flow and compaction
   – Eliminate the possibility of air voids
   – Satisfy concerning engineers
   – Achieve waterproofing

• No additional waterproofing membrane required (except at the wall/footing junction)
• Dincel Panel Joints are waterproof as confirmed by CSIRO tests under 6m of water head pressure at the panel joints
• With tighter legislation around Work Health Safety (WHS) requirements, Dincel Walls provide a safer alternative for construction

What Are Dincel Structural Walls
What Are Dincel Structural Walls
Smarter Formwork Alternative
Smarter Formwork Alternative
What Sets Us Apart
What Sets Us Apart


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