DINCEL Proves its worth in luxury homes development

Winston Hills is home to a new model of luxury living in Moses Way – a private estate populated by architecturally designed multi-million dollar residences where Dincel has proved itself to be a model building material.

Charlie Khoury, owner of CL&J Trading, is one builder creating luxurious multi-storey homes and duplexes at Moses Way Winston Hills, which is located 28 kilometres west of Sydney’s CBD in the Hills Shire. He has built eight over the past five years – all using a variety of Dincel Structural Walling products for a range of applications.

“We used Dincel in our original exhibition home and have now used it in every project on the estate including basements, garages, lift shafts, retaining walls and also exterior walls,” Charlie explained. The owner of the estate is dedicated to creating exceptional luxury, multi-million dollar homes which offer every feature you could want.

“Quality comes first in every home and Dincel Structural Walling has played a large part in the quality we are delivering in our builds.” Two key features of Dincel which Charlie Khoury appreciates are its natural aesthetics and the exceptional waterproofing performance of the product.

“Some of the Dincel Structural Walling has been painted or rendered – and it is an excellent base for any finish but in other spaces, Dincel has been cleaned and left natural and it looks a million dollars,” he said.

“If you are happy with the lines, which have a panel effect and if you’ve taken care when building, you never have to paint it. The surface will always wash clean because its a very durable finish which requires little maintenance.”

“Naturally, good waterproofing is also crucial and I always advise people that I’m working for that we should go with Dincel. You don’t need to waterproof it, unlike blockwork where there’s so much effort trying to keep the moisture out. If you do it smartly from the bottom, with a dish drain behind the wall, sloping out to your stormwater tank, with Dincel you’ve got no moisture coming through”.

“Also, with blockwork, sometimes you’re backfilling and a stone might scratch the waterproofing and then that waterproofing isn’t worth a dollar you spent. With Dincel, because it’s a tough, hard product that you fill with concrete, even if the exterior face were pierced you’ve then got the second face - so from a waterproofing perspective it’s very good,” Charlie stated.

“I’ve done many high-rise buildings and I don’t believe waterproofing from the inside is a lasting solution - I’d rather go with a system that’s waterproof from day one so it’s done, it’s finished, and you never have to look back. We use Dincel, correctly installed, and we’ve never had any seepage.”

Along with the knowledge that Dincel Structural Walling is a quality choice for years of headache-free living for those who will live in the structures he builds, Charlie Khoury also appreciates the benefits it offers his business.

“It’s a fast, efficient system that’s quick and easy to work with; if you’ve got the right tradesmen who know how to work with Dincel to prop it and brace it properly, then you’ve got perfectly straight walls and you’ve got perfect finishes. The honest truth is it can save you money in the long run,” he said.

“I’ve been using Dincel Structural Walling for five years now, and the company itself is also very good to work with. Working on a project of this calibre, they know I have a system in place and they supply what I need, as I need it - however if there’s anything we might need urgently, Dincel are also happy to help me out. It’s a good product and a good company to work with.”