Dincel Structural Walling’s Best Environmental Practice(BEP) approved PVC is free of heavy metal free stabilisers, plasticisers and allows 100% recyclability during manufacturing, construction and end of lifecycle.
With the reduction of non-skilled labour due to the ease of handling and installation, Dincel Walls minimises the risk of back injuries, trip hazards, falling from heights and other common WHS injuries and issues.

  • Download the Dincel Fire Assessment document
  • Watch ISO 9705 (Full-scale room fire test)
  • Watch BS 8414 / AS 5113 (Large-scale facade fire test)
    CSIRO acoustically tested walling solutions for complete peace of mind.
    Dincel Walls are tested for toxicity and VOC (non-toxic tested). Dincel’s Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) measurement is 50 times less than the recommended Green Star environmental threshold making it a proven choice for sustainable construction.
    Download VOC Emissions Certificate
    Dincel Walls with concrete infill can create earthquake, cyclone and hurricane proof buildings through ductile composite action, thus achieving greater safety for occupants than offered by concrete alone.
    Download Earthquake Testing Report
    Dincel Panel Joints are waterproof as confirmed by CSIRO tests and under 6m of water head pressure at the panel joints.
    Dincel Structural Walling is a concrete wall encapsulated by permanent polymer formwork. If the polymer formwork of Dincel-Wall is removed for any reason, the remaining component is the concrete which is in compliance with the Concrete Structures Code AS3600 (as certified by the University of New South Wales).
    Refer to UNSW Structural Engineering Design Certification.

    What Are Dincel Structural Walls
    What Are Dincel Structural Walls
    Smarter Formwork Alternative
    Smarter Formwork Alternative
    What Sets Us Apart
    What Sets Us Apart


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