Retaining Walls

Dincel Structural Walling requires minimal excavation, clearance and backfill when it comes to installing a retaining wall. Compared to conventional formwork Dincel Walls required no waterproofing, formwork or scaffolding which results in less labour, additional works and curing time.

Being lightweight and easy to handle, one person can safely carry and install Dincel panels on conjested sites without the need for cranage. It's simply build, reinforce, concrete pour and cure.

Dincel Walls come in range of widths, corners and combinations to suit a variety of retaining wall designs for residential, commercial and custom projects such as garden beds and sub-ground areas where soil retention is required. An additional advantage of Dincel Walls is their ability to be easily rendered or clad with stone, timber and many other finishing designs options with the use of acrylic adhesives.

To view a collection of our completed projects, please visit the Dincel Gallery


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