As residential construction becomes increasingly reliant on faster building methods and compliant building materials, Dincel Structural Walling provides substantial cost and efficiency savings compared to traditional building methods with less steel, concrete and excavations.

Not only must all projects be completed to a high calibre, the the finish should be virtually maintenance-free. Utilising Dincel as a load-bearing wall system in lieu of conventional methods can achieve a more cost-efficient floor system, with up to 50% reductions in construction times and floor cycles.

Dincel Structural Walling can be integrated throughout the whole building design from deep excavation basements through to lift shafts, stairwells, walls, columns and facades up to 60 storeys high. Dincel Walls are also being widely specified by architects and designers for their aesthetically appealing qualities due to the ability to easily render, clad or paint the walls for a unique finish inside or out on residential projects. Maximising the cost, flexibility and installation benefits of Dincel Walls are substantially increased during the early architectural design stages when partnering with Dincel's experienced team of engineers and consultants. 

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