With Asset Owners and Developers looking for strong returns in commercial investments and Green Star rated buildings, innovations in construction methods that contribute to maintenance-free buildings are proving to be the desired choice for a range of whole-of-lifecycle, sustainability, acoustic and environmental credentials.

Dincel Structural Walling provides a 100+ year maintenance-free solution when used in multi-storey developments. Dincel Structural Walling can be integrated throughout a whole building design from deep excavation basements through to lift shafts, stairwells, walls, columns and facades up to 60 storeys high. It's protective polymer skin provides a waterproof, crack and corrosion feel structural walling solution.

Dincel Walls with concrete infill can create earthquake, cyclone and hurricane proof buildings through ductile composite action, thus achieving greater safety for occupants than offered by concrete alone. Dincel Walls are tested for toxicity and VOC (non-toxic tested) with Dincel's Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) measurement being 50 times less than the recommended Green Star environmental threshold making it a proven choice for sustainable construction.

For building occupants, Dincel Walls are completely waterproof, CSIRO acoustically tested and are also Fire rated for up to 4 hours with non-combusitbilty properties for complete peace of mind.

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